REVS RMT®140HPn's Major Ingredients

REVS RMT®140HPn Major Ingredients

Effect of RMT®140HPn

  • Resolve skin concerns
    Anti-wrinkle effect
    Enhances anti-wrinkle function by activating fibroblast growth.
  • Increase skin elasticity
    Elasticity improvement
    Helps improve skin elasticity and anti-aging by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis.
  • Shrink the pore size
    Pore tightening
    The skin pore tightening effect by filling the skin tightly from the inside of the enlarged pore.
  • Moisturize the skin
    Moisturizing skin
    Skin friendly polymer Hyaluronic acid provides rich moisture by drawing moisture deep into the skin.
  • Improve the skin tone and texture
    Skin tone & skin texture improvement
    Helps to improve pigmentation and skin tone by increasing the thickness and density of the dermis to adjust the oil and water balance.

REVS RMT®140HPn Directions

Applying to the skin
Cleanse the skin area to apply the product.
Apply RMT®140HPn evenly and let the skin absorb it.
Using MTS Device
Cleanse the skin area to use the device.
Apply anesthetic ointment.
Place MTS Device on the skin area you want. (Roll the device by changing the needle angle.)
Apply RMT®140HPn evenly to the skin area where you used the device and let the skin absorb it.
Apply a skin soothing mask on.

Retouch Cycle of RMT®140HPn

The REVS RMT®140HPn followed by two recovery steps for 1-month with 3 times every 15-days intervals. Once you enter the retention period, you will use it once every two to six months

Retouch Cycle of RMT®140HPn

Target for RMT®140HPn

  • In case of wanting to improve skin condition
  • In case of dry and loose skin
  • In case of skin increase in wrinkles
  • In case of wider pores and skin elasticity concern
  • In case of wanting to improve your dark skin tone

REVS RMT®140HPn Product Information

Product name REVS RMT®140HPn Net weight 3mL / 1 Vial
Country of origin Republic of Korea Contents 10 Vials
Responsible manufacturer and seller Reanzen Co., Ltd. Color Colorless
Period of use Indicated separately Customer service +82-31-596-6310
Storage conditions Avoid any place with direct sunlight or humidity and store the product at 2-25℃.